Saturday, July 25, 2015

And then there was food

#KhaanaKhazaana by Korak delivered to you via Instagram

What better ode to food than this song from Ice Age 2? Enjoy this first.

Now that you have listened to the food song, and probably have grabbed a quick bite to eat, let me get back to the topic at hand. If you have followed this blog in the past, you would have noticed my earlier blog post about my other series, #ChaiChronicles. If you haven't, I don't mind if you take a quick look.

So very close to the time when the idea of a photo series on Chai, I also started clicking pictures of another thing which was ubiquitous in my life - Food. So here's a fairly biased sampling of my series till now.

To get us started, let's sample this. One of the very first, and very simple items on this menu.

Citrus Maxima salad || Batabi Lebu makha, with hot green chillies and black salt. Simple, tasty, and tastes amazing.
Some other times, it's the more complex things that entice the taste buds. This here is Sticky rice, honey glazed chicken & carrots, mixed salad. The Chicken, in this particular case, was left over from a KFC takeout from earlier in the day, and we just managed to reuse it in a different way.
Sometimes, it's about a creative and healthy breakfast. With lentil sprouts, potatoes, and apples & watermelon, this was a beauty, even though I say so myself.
Then, there was this one time when I thought I could make some Biriyani for myself. Turned out quite well.
In the middle of all this desi food, from time to time there's some craving for the firang stuff as well. Can you identify everything on the plate?
Sometimes, the king  of fruits came knocking on the door. And with relish we ate them all.
 On a few occasions, it was the simplest of food that made life worth living through.
And on more than a few occasions, good food involved a bit of travelling here and there. A glimpse from Bangalore here.

But, after all this writing about food, and seeing all these images of delicious food, I'm extremely hungry. So bye bye folks. On the menu tonight it is pumpkin and prawns, a bong favorite. So hang in there to see some glimpses of the food, or follow on Instagram.

I leave you with a beautiful food quote, and a glimpse of some delicious jalebi, freshly prepared and hot, that I had in Indore last year. Cheers.

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