Saturday, June 06, 2015

In Chai we trust!

#ChaiChronicles by Korak

So, it was July 2014. I had recently bought my new Nexus phone, enjoying the upgrade from my old, little iffy, HTC. What it meant of course that the camera was a little better, and I was exploring new Apps. Instagram appeared on my phone very soon. And then it all started.

Like many people, I like a cup of tea now and then. Lemon tea being my favourite, while a well made cup of ginger tea freshens up any tired mind. The cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, cloves and all other fanciness always brings a smile on my face. Thats how #ChaiChronicles started.

First 4 cups of morning tea by mom, at home, covering 4 directions. 

Then slowly cups of tea, coffee and lemon juice, fresh, refreshing, started appearing.

When I travelled, I started noticing cups and tea around me, and clicks happened.

And, now it's almost been a year that this journey started, and nearly 50 posts down. Time to get there. Thanks for your interest.

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